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How-To Select The Right Foundation!!!


One tricky thing about foundation is that when you apply too much of it, you look extremely pale, and if you apply too little, your face looks unpolished. The unsaid rule with applying foundation is never to abuse it! Use it to look natural and like your original best version of yourself!

The main reason for applying foundation (which people knew as “base” at one time), is to conceal the dark spots and scars or freckles on your face. If the foundation doesn’t hide it completely, it at least, makes them less obvious and makes your skin look fresher and brighter. However, it must match your true complexion!

So, let’s address some questions you often ask yourself when it comes to selecting the right foundation.

Question 1: Which is the right formula for my skin – liquid, cream, stick, or powdered?

Answer: Your skin type will answer this for you.

If your skin type is dry, you must choose the liquid or stick foundation, or better yet, go for the powdered foundation. Both liquids and sticks create a creamy moisturized consistency. The hydrating powder blends with the other ingredients that you will apply on your skin, and offers a regular pressed coverage that makes the makeup look compact and sophisticated. If your skin is oily, then go for a powdered foundation or the liquid one. They comprise of ingredients that absorb the oil, keeping your skin looking smooth with a matte effect.

If your skin tends to breakout – In some people, the skin is just rough and tends to breakout. Such people should go for the liquid foundation, particularly those with salicylic acid. It helps keep oil-producing glands dry and prevents pimples.

Not too dry, not too oily – If your skin type is in between the oily-dry type, then try powdered foundation. It will allow you to apply oil-absorbing makeup evenly, more areas where you need it, and less where you don’t need makeup. Besides, it will not leave annoying and visible lines like a stick or liquid foundation might.

If you are a novice – usual novices at makeup are not sure of what foundation is right, and so for such people, going for the cream foundation is the easiest and safest way to start. It will smooth the skin, even out the dry complexion, and make the skin look brighter and fresher.

Question 2: How can I prevent losing my makeup after a hug with my special someone? When I hug people, my makeup looks like a piece of my face has come off!

Answer: There is no need to fret about this. It happens to everyone, and the solution is easy. Just use a naked velvet puff on your face after you apply the foundation. This will help absorb the excess foundation into your skin. Alternatively, you can use a brush and apply a light layer of translucent powder to set the foundation.

Question 3: What does “Finish” mean? I hear people talking about it, but I have no idea what it means.

Answer: A finish is simply a sheen that adds more smoothness and glamour to your skin. There are three different types of sheen that you can find; matte, semi-matte, and luminous sheen.

Most foundations have a semi-matte effect, and they work on almost every skin type. In fact, it looks very natural on the person wearing it. The packaging will not always specify what type of sheen it has, so just assume it is a semi-matte if there is no specification. If you choose a matte foundation, it is ideal for oily skin because it tends to absorb the oil and leaves a powdery and even finish. When shopping for matte foundations, check the package to find “shine-free” or “poreless” on the label. If your skin type lacks luster (even if it is dry, sallow, or mature), then you must consider using a foundation with a luminous finish. This type of foundation has finely ground light-reflecting particles (like crushed pearls and mica). These diffuse into your skin to hide the wrinkles and fine lines that make it look mature.

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