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Makeup For Upturned Eyes!!!

While most women need to add lift to the outer corners of their eyes, upturned eyes have a natural lift at the corners, which can add exotic feel to the face. To create balance to upturned eyes, apply shadow along the lower lashline, concentrating on the lower outer corner to help balance the eye and bring it down. Let’s get this makeup look started!

  1. Apply foundation to the eyelid and under eye. (Use your shade of foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly.)
  2. Apply concealer to the inner corner of the eye. (Use a shade or two lighter than your foundation. You want to highlight this area with your concealer.)
  3. Set the foundation and concealer with translucent loose powder. (Really buff this into your skin, it will make your makeup stay on longer and look its best.)
  4. Apply gold eyeshadow to the base of the lid.
  5. Apply dark brown eyeshadow along the top crease, outer corner, and lower lashline, concentrating on the lower outer corner.
  6. Curl lashes and apply lengthening black mascara to the upper and lower eyelashes.
  7. Apply short individual eyelashes along the upper lash line, alternating between short and long eyelashes.
  8. Apply light eyebrow powder, concentrating on the tail of the brow.
  9. Apply clear eyebrow gel.


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