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How-To Remove Mascara

Mascara can be really tricky to remove, especially if multiple coats have been applied. It is essential that you are careful when removing mascara; otherwise, it can damage and break your lashes. Here are some great and useful tips of removing mascara effectively:


This is the most important tip of all. Be gentle with your lashes! You obviously don’t want to pull out your lashes, do you? Rubbing your eyes harshly just to get rid of your mascara can actually make things worse. Deal with the mascara gently and it will come off.

No Tugging or Scrubbing the Lashes

Tugging or scrubbing your lashes is a big no-no! Many women start scrubbing their eye lashes using a washcloth or even a tissue paper to get all the mascara off. NEVER DO THIS!!!! This is sure to damage your lashes, so never use tugging or scrubbing your lashes as a means of removing mascara.

Using Makeup Remover (Oil-Free)

Many women believe that mascara can’t be removed by a makeup remover. Dab a little on a cotton ball and swipe it gently a few times on your eyes. It will loosen up the mascara, and will easily get removed. Look for an completely oil-free makeup remover!

Go Natural and try Coconut Oil

Natural ways are always the best for removing makeup. Coconut oil is a great natural way to remove makeup, especially mascara. In general, coconut oil is good for your skin and hair so this will give you dual benefits. Not only will you be able to remove mascara properly, you will be softening the skin near your eyes at the same time.

Use Olive Oil

Olive oil is another natural way of removing mascara. Simply dab some olive oil on a cotton ball and swipe it along your lash line. The mascara will easily be removed!

Vaseline Works Amazingly

This is one of my best natural ways of removing mascara and many actually use it regularly! Vaseline works just like Coconut oil or Olive oil and removes mascara effectively. Again, make sure that you loosen the mascara with a washcloth and hot/warm water before applying any mascara removing techniques.

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