How-To Remove Makeup Easily

Typically, makeup is removed using a makeup remover. However, it damages the skin, causes breakouts or irritation when frequently used as it is filled with different chemicals. The best way is to utilize natural methods to remove makeup from your eyes and face. There are many different natural ways to remove makeup easily and some of them are as follows:

Baking Soda & Honey

This is a great and highly effective recipe that can remove all types of makeup. Use organic honey and pour it on a washcloth. Make sure that the washcloth is clean. Add some baking soda over it and mix it up with your finger. Apply it on your face and wipe your face clean; splash some cold water on. Done!

Olive Oil For Sensitive and Dry Skin

Olive oil not only removes makeup but also acts as a skin softening agent. It has various healing properties as well and can leave your skin smooth and soft afterwards. Some alternatives of olive oil include natural oils like jojoba oil and caster oil. Oil based or creamy makeup removers work perfectly for dry skin.

Baby Oil

If you are out of olive oil, try baby oil. This is also really effective in removing makeup and also your mascara. Take a cotton ball and dab baby oil on it. Use the cotton ball to wipe off all your makeup. Once done, take a clean washcloth, wet it slightly and wipe your face to remove any oil residue.


This is known as the best eye makeup remover. Pour some raw milk on a cotton ball and wipe your eye makeup. It will immediately wipe away your mascara, liner, and eye shadow. Make sure to be gentle and wash your face with lukewarm water afterwards. Milk is a completely natural, easy and fast makeup remover, and is especially effective for sensitive skin.

Baby Lotion

This is another great method of removing makeup effectively and easily. The process of using this method is as same as that with milk. Make sure that you use a high quality baby lotion. Pour some out on a cotton ball and wipe your face. This works amazingly and leaves your skin moisturized.


Vaseline is not merely used to remove mascara but is also perfect for removing the entire eye makeup. However, ensure that you only use it on the eyes. You must also be cautious when you use Vaseline. It is thick and might therefore clog the skin pores around your eyes. Always wash your face with a cleanser afterwards.

Baby Wipes

This is one of the common ways of removing makeup and is actually really effective. Baby wipes are extremely gentle which means there is no worry about skin irritation or breaking out. This is one of the most convenient and super quick methods of removing makeup.


Here are some useful tips and other quick methods:

  • Once you have washed off all your makeup, always apply sunscreen before retiring to bed.
  • Toners are one of the best makeup removers as they can easily remove even the heaviest makeup. However, they also dry up your skin as your natural oils are also removed in the process. If your skin is super oily, then toners are the perfect makeup removers for you.
  • If you have really dry skin, opt for cleansing oil. Use a cotton pad and wipe your face completely. Massage your skin as it will loosen up the makeup and dirt from your face. Use a foaming cleanser or a gentle gel cleanser to wash your face afterwards. Rinse the cleanser by using a warmed up washcloth, and then finally apply a moisturizing cream.
  • For acne-prone skin, use salicylic cleanser to clean up the makeup.

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