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Do’s & Don’ts for Big, Beautiful Eyes!!! (No Matter Your Eye Shape)

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Keep it clean

  • Your eye makeup should look uncluttered. People should notice your eyes, not your eye makeup. 

Lighten Up

  • Use light colors to bring an area forward and make it look bigger; use darker shades to create depth.

Shimmer Up

  • Light-reflective colors can enhance and brighten up.

Do Some Testing

  • Figure out which style (technique) of eyeliner works best for your eye shape.

Lash Out

  • Long, separated lashes enlarge the look of your eyes. Overly dense, heavy lashes can make your eyes look smaller.

Perfect Your Brows

  • Make sure your eyebrows fully frame your entire eye area. The eyebrows should not be too far apart or too short on the back end.

Use the Color Wheel

  • To intensify your eye color, choose eyeshadows and eyeliners in colors that are at the opposite end of the color spectrum from your eye color. If your eyes are blue, opt for earth tones like browns, bronze, and copper. The contrast will make your blue eyes pop. If your eyes are green or hazel, earth tones will work, too, but shades in the plum family will intensify the green in your eyes. Brown or black eyes look their best with grays, purple, or lavender shades, or even blue-based colors. When in doubt, neutrals like taupe work well on everyone, but if you want to intensify your eye color, look at the color spectrum wheel and choose colors that are the opposite side of the wheel from your eye color.

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